Cipriano de Rore

Giovanna Baviera - canto
Doron Schleifer - alto
Jacob Lawrence - tenor
Elam Rotem - basso, cembalo & musical direction

Sound producer: Karel Valter
Recording: 27-29 November 2023, Waldenburg (CH)
Emilio de' Cavalieri

Perrine Devillers, soprano
Doron Schleifer, countertenor
Loïc Paulin, tenor
Jacob Lawrence, tenor
Elam Rotem, bass, organ & musical direction
Orí Harmelin, theorbo
Elizabeth Rumsey, lirone

Sound producer: Karel Valter
Recording: 23-27 March 2023, Versam (CH)
Madrigals for four voices

Giovanna Baviera - canto
Doron Schleifer - alto
Jacob Lawrence - tenor
Elam Rotem - bass, & musical direction
Giovanna Baviera, Anna Danilevskaia, Elizabeth Rumsey & Leonardo Bortolotto - viol consort
Sound producer: Karel Walter
Pan Classics, January 2021
Madrigals by de Rore, Luzzaschi, Gesualdo & Monteverdi

Doron Schleifer, Roman Melish - countertenors
Lior Leibovici, Dan Dunkelblum - tenors
Elam Rotem - bass, & musical direction
Ori Harmelin - Renaissance lute and archlute
Sound producer: Karel Walter
Pan Classics, January 2019
Alexander Utendal Penitential Psalms (1570) & Magnificats (1573)

Doron Schleifer - Cantus, Roman Melish - Altus, Dan Dunkelblum - Tenor, Elam Rotem - Bass and musical direction
Giovanna Baviera, Brigitte Gasse, Elizabeth Rumsey, Leonardo Bortolotto - viola da gamba consort
Ori Harmelin - lute
Sound producer: Peter Golser
tiroler landes museen, 2018
The Carlo G Manuscript
 Virtuoso liturgical music from the early 17th century

The musical content of the recently surfaced Carlo G manuscript provides vivid testimony to the unique repertoire and performance practices of liturgical music in Italy of the early 17th century.

Perrine Devillers, Sopran; Doron Schleifer, Countertenor; Ori Harmelin, Chitarrone; Elam Rotem, Organ and musical direction
Guest musicians: Plamena Nikitassova, Violin; Jörg-Andreas Bötticher, Organ
Sound producer: Oren Kirschenbaum
Glossa, May 2017
Luzzasco Luzzaschi (c. 1545–1607)
Madrigals, Motets, and Instrumental Music
"We applaud the fine group from Basel, led by Elam Rotem, who samples the entire output of this fascinating composer, a true icon of the ‘Avant-garde of the past’." (Diapason magazine, March 2016)

Perrine Devillers - soprano; Doron Schleifer, David Feldman - countertenor; Lior Leibovici, Cory Knight, Dan Dunkelblum - tenor, Elam Rotem - bass, harpsichord, & musical direction
Eva Saladin - violin; Giovanna Baviera, Ryosuke Sakamoto - viol; Elizabeth Rumzey - viol, lirone; Ori Harmelin - chitarrone; Aki Noda - organ

Sound producer: Oren Kirschenbaum
PAN CLASSICS, January 2016 (PC 10350)
Elam Rotem / Quia Amore Langueo
Song of Songs and Dark Biblical Love Tales
Motets and Dramatic Scenes Composed in the Spirit of Early 17th Century Italian Music
"Profeti della Quinta and Elam Rotem have created something both new and old: Very coherent, very intensive, and above all very convincing!" (Robert Strobl, Toccata alte musik aktuell, 78/2015)

Canto primo – Doron Schleifer; Canto secondo – David Feldman; Alto – Lior Leibovici; Tenor – Dan Dunkelblum; Bass, Cembalo & musical direction – Elam Rotem; Violin – Katya Polin, Katia Viel; Cornett – Nathaniel Cox; Chitarrone, Baroque guitar – Ori Harmelin; Viola da gamba, Chitarrone – Ryosuke Sakamoto; Viola da gamba – Giovanna Baviera; Violone, lirone – Elizabeth Rumsey; Organ – Aki Noda

Recording producer: Oren Kirschenbaum
PAN CLASSICS, May 2015 (PC10321)
Orlando di Lasso / Musica Reservata
Secret music for Albrecht V
The Penitential Psalms of Orlando di Lasso performed in a historical setting

“The six male singers of Profeti della Quinta prove once more, following their wonderful recordings of Music by Salomone Rossi, their top-drawer quality as interprets of Renaissance vocal polyphony." (Bernhard Schrammek, kulturradio rbb - 9.1.2015)

Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman; Tenor - Dino Lüthy, Jakob Pilgram, Dan Dunkelblum; Bassus, - Elam Rotem; Lute - Ori Harmelin; Instrumentalists of ensemble dolce risonanza

PAN CLASSICS, January 2015 (PC 10323)
Elam Rotem / Rappresentatione di Giuseppe e i suoi Fratelli - Joseph and his Brethren
Biblical musical drama in three acts composed by Elam Rotem in the spirit of the early Operas

"In their new CD, the vocal ensemble 'Profeti della Quinta' present a dramatic, path-breaking work, which transcends historical and geographical boundaries. 'Joseph and his Brethren' is both a precious relic of the past and a new, innovative opera." (Noam Ben-Zeev, HAARETS, 28/03/14)

Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman; Tenor - Dino Lüthy, Dan Dunkelblum; Bassus, Cembalo & musical direction - Elam Rotem;  Ori Harmelin – Chitarrone, Baroque guitar; Elizabeth Rumsey – Lirone,
Viola da Gamba; Aki Noda – Organ; Katya Polin, – Violin, Recorder;  Sonoko Asabuki - Violin; Amir Tiroshi - Recorder;  Ryosuke Sakamoto – Chitarrone, Viola da Gamba; Tore Eketorp – Violone 

Recording producer: Oren Kirschenbaum
PAN CLASSICS, March 2014. (PC 10302) 
Il Mantovano Hebreo
Italian madrigals, Hebrew prayers and instrumental music
by Salomone Rossi (c.1570-c.1630)

“Tantalizing as the music and the composer may be, the most tantalizing thing about this disc is what is, for me, the appearance of an entirely new and original Early Music ensemble... Profeti della Quinta produces a delightful and remarkably flexible sound, clearly committed and devoted to this music.” (International record review)

Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman; Tenor -  Dino Lüthy,
Dan Dunkelblum; Bassus, Cembalo & musical direction - Elam Rotem;
Violin - Katya Polin, Eva Saladin; Theorbo - Ori Harmelin, Ryosuke Sakamoto

LINN records, November 2013 (CKR 429)
Rore, Monteverdi, and Gesualdo
Part of the 2013 Festival CD "Wege zum Barock"

Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman
Tenor -Dino Lüthy, Dan Dunkelblum
Bassus & musical direction - Elam Rotem

Our contribution traces the evolvement of the Seconda Prattica: from its seeds in the madrigals of Cipriano de Rore, through its full blossom in Monteverdi's Rimanti in pace,
to its final manneristic stage in the work of Gesualdo.

Cantando, August 2013
Hebreo: The Search for Salomone Rossi
A film by Joseph Rochlitz with Profeti Della Quinta (official website)

Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman
Tenor- Dino Lüthy, Dan Dunkelblum
Bassus, Cembalo & musical direction - Elam Rotem
Ori Harmelin - Theorbo

Produced by Remmelt Lukkien Lasso Film & TV Production [[email protected]] with support from the Maror Fund for Joodse Omroep, Netherlands
© 2012 Lasso Film & TV Production and Joseph Rochlitz
Salomone Rossi;'The Song of Solomon' and instrumental music
Profeti Della Quinta and Ensemble Muscadin

Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman; Altus - Eitan Drori;
Tenor - David Nortman; Bassus - Elam Rotem.

Recorder - Corina Marti; Josué Meléndez Peláez - cornett & recorder; Leila Schayegh - violin; viola da gamba & violone - Tore Eketorp; theorbo & baroque guitar - Michal Gondko;
cembalo & organ - Alena Hönigova

Pan Classics 2009 (PC 10214)
Re-issued 2017 (PC10343)
Re-issue 2017!