Luzzasco Luzzaschi (c. 1545–1607) 
Madrigals, Motets, and Instrumental Music 

Luzzasco Luzzaschi is one of the top class composers of the late Renaissance. Today he is known, if at all, only thanks to his “concerto delle Donne” - a small ensemble of virtuoso female singers that he established at the D’Este court in Ferrara. However, his musical output and historical significance are much greater than that: for more than three decades Luzzaschi was responsible for much of the musical activities at the court, and composed high quality music in various genres: madrigals, motets, and instrumental music. In this new program, we aim to present this almost unknown composer in all his splendour and variety.


- Diapason, Denis Morrier (3/2016)
5 Diapson! "We applaud the fine group from Basel, led by Elam Rotem, who samples the entire output of this fascinating composer, a true icon of the ‘Avant-garde of the past’. (The CD) includes sacred music and secular music, for one voice or five, and instrumental music as well... The anthology leads us from one discovery to another in an exemplary manner. In every piece one enthusiastically appreciates the accuracy and the intelligence of the interpretation: the complex interlacing of the motet Deus tu scis are presented transparently and above all with confounding expressive depth... [Ensemble Profeti della Quinta] asserts itself here as one of the most interesting and well respected ensembles exploring early music today."
[Excerpts translated by Dan Dunkelblum]
- Classica, Luca Dupont-Spirlo (4/2016)
CHOC DES MOIS! "What is more worthy of praise? The simply fantastic program or the wonderful interpretation? ...The ensemble does wonders with this highly demanding repertoire. The singers blend their voices with perfect intonation, rendering the polyphony with all the purity and radiance it requires. One is constantly struck by the quality and homogeneity of their sound... Looking forward to the next discoveries!"

- Toccata altemusik, Robert Stroll (82/2016)
“One notices immediately the well-balanced sound of the ensemble. The singers are as always excellently in tune with one another, and the guest musicians blend in with ease. This wide range of sound colours, timbres and personal radiance must be explicitly praised. [Luzzaschi] was a humble man, calling himself merely ‘an organist’ and not boasting about his employment at the ducal court. Profeti della Quinta present their work in a similarly humble fashion, yet true greatness cannot be hidden!”

- Reshet Beth Radio (Israel), Amir Mandel, 21.10.2016
Profeti della Quinta is a group which is a fitting heir to the legendary Consort of Musicke. They have recently recorded this CD, containing Madrigals by Luzzaschi. This recording is an opportunity to discover Luzzaschi, to discover Profeti della Quinta whose musical director is Elam Rotem, and to enjoy wonderful music, heart-breaking, moving and exciting”.

- Rondo Magazin, Michael Wesin (9/04/2016)
“Profeti della Quinta know how to combine sonoric density and beauty with accordance to the text and they do so with varied expressivity” [link]

-, D. James Ross (25/12/2015)
5 stars. “Who knew that Luzzaschi was so versatile and so thoroughly competent in such a wide range of genres? The performances are beautifully musical … the finely balanced and delicately ornamented singing was a constant delight” [link]

- SWR2 Alte Musik, Dagmar Munck, 14.1.2015
"... Discover the soundscape of Luzzasco Luzzaschi with the intense music-making and fine balance of Ensemble Profeti della Quinta, who knows the art of Chiaroscuro and how to create and resolve physically palpable dissonances..."
Perrine Devillers - soprano
Doron Schleifer, David Feldman - countertenor
Lior Leibovici, Cory Knight, Dan Dunkelblum - tenor
Elam Rotem - bass, harpsichord, & musical direction

Eva Saladin - violin
Giovanna Baviera, Ryosuke Sakamoto - viol
Elizabeth Rumzey - viol, lirone
Ori Harmelin - chitarrone
Aki Noda - organ

Sound producer: Oren Kirschenbaum
Recorded on 8-13 June 2015, at the Catholic Church of Nuglar-St. Pantaleon, Switzerland