Biblical musical drama in three acts
composed by 
Elam Rotem in the spirit of the early Operas
Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman; 
Tenor -  Dino Lüthy, Dan Dunkelblum; 
Bassus, Cembalo & musical direction - Elam Rotem

Ori Harmelin – Chitarrone, Baroque guitar
Elizabeth Rumsey – Lirone, Viola da Gamba
Aki Noda – Organ
Katya Polin, – Violin, Recorder
Sonoko Asabuki - Violin
Amir Tiroshi - Recorder
Ryosuke Sakamoto – Chitarrone, Viola da Gamba
Tore Eketorp – Violone

Recording producer: Oren Kirschenbaum
PAN CLASSICS, March 2014.

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Italian madrigals, Hebrew prayers and instrumental music
by Salomone Rossi (c.1570-c.1630)
Profeti Della Quinta

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The programme portrays Salomone Rossi's many-faceted art as a court composer in the service of the Gonzaga family and as a unique innovator of devotional music for the synagogue, by presenting a selection of his Italian madrigals, instrumental pieces, and Hebrew prayers.

Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman; 
Tenor -  Dino Lüthy, Dan Dunkelblum; 
Bassus, Cembalo & musical direction - Elam Rotem.

Violin - Katya Polin, Eva Saladin; 
Theorbo - Ori Harmelin, Ryosuke Sakamoto 

LINN records, November 2013
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Rore, Monteverdi, and Gesualdo
Part of the 2013 Festival CD "Wege zum Barock"

Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman; 
Tenor -  Dino Lüthy, Dan Dunkelblum; 
Bassus & musical direction - Elam Rotem.

Our contribution traces the evolvement of the Seconda Prattica: 
from its seeds in the madrigals of Cipriano de Rore, 
through its full blossom in Monteverdi's Rimanti in pace
to its final manneristic stage in the work of Gesualdo.

Cantando, August 2013

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Documentary film - HEBREO:
The Search for Salomone Rossi (2012) 
A film by Joseph Rochlitz with
 Profeti Della Quinta 

Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman; 
Tenor - Dino Lüthy, Dan Dunkelblum;
Bassus, Cembalo & musical direction - Elam Rotem;
Ori Harmelin - Theorbo

Produced by Remmelt Lukkien
Lasso Film & TV Production []
with support from the Maror Fund
for Joodse Omroep, Netherlands

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© 2012 Lasso Film & TV Production and Joseph Rochlitz 

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Salomone Rossi:
'The Song of Solomon' and instrumental music

Profeti Della Quinta and Ensemble Muscadin

The native Hebrew-speaking ensemble uniquely offers an unmediated grasp of the text and the historically peculiar style of Rossi's Hashirim Asher Lish'lomo (The Songs of Solomon). True to the original context of this music, the vocal works are sung by male soloists, using the original manuscripts.

Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman; Altus - Eitan Drori;
Tenor - David Nortman; Bassus - Elam Rotem.

Recorder - Corina Marti; Josué Meléndez Peláez - cornett & recorder; Leila Schayegh - violin; viola da gamba & violone - Tore Eketorp; theorbo & baroque guitar - Michal Gondko;
cembalo & organ - Alena Hönigova

Pan Classics 2009